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About Us

Welcome to Acme Tint Solutions, your #1 source for making your automotive visions become a reality. Dedicated to providing you the very pinnacle of products / installations for your automotive needs. With an emphasis on personal relationships, unique experience and service, you’re at the right place!

Founded in 2016 by J.Michael Ates, Acme Tint Solutions has come a long way from its beginnings. Starting out mobile, to a one bay garage, to what you see today.  Michael first started out in 1996, he became an apprentice for a car audio shop in Panama City, FL.

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His passion for automotive customization began and lead him to open his first shop. Later becoming a technical rep for the companies products we use today as a national training specialist. The window film industry paired with his personal artistic abilities drove him back to the creation side again. 


After 11 years of constant travel and moving, Michael found love in an unlikely place while covering territory in North Dallas. Two years later Jessica and Michael were blessed with Adeline on June 26, 2016. If there was ever an issue finding a reason not to travel 80% of the time for work, she stripped every excuse away!  Not wanting to miss his child growing up, J.Michael made a difficult decision to leave the security of the known to the unknown.  

Now that you know a little bit more about us, we hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy providing them to you. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us, we look forward to learning more about you as well.

Team Acme Tint Solutions

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